FAQs (frequently asked questions)

QUESTION: How long is the holiday home park open?

ANSWER:    We have a 11 month season from the 1st of February to 1st January

QUESTION: Is residential use of the holiday home allowed?

ANSWER:   Residential use of your holiday home is not allowed under any circumstances. We are a strictly holiday only park. Owners need a permanent address elsewhere.

QUESTION: Can I stay for long periods in my holiday home?

ANSWER:   Yes, you can use your holiday home as much as you wish.

QUESTION: Do you allow subletting?

ANSWER:   Subletting is not permitted. Close friends and family can use your holiday home if introduced initially.

QUESTION: Does the park flood?

ANSWER:   The holiday home field is located on high ground, so there is absolutely no threat of flooding.

QUESTION: Do you allow dogs?

ANSWER:   Yes. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times and all excrement disposed of in the designated bins.

QUESTION: Who is responsible for ground maintenance?

ANSWER:   Hedges & grass at the rear and side of your caravan are your responsibility to maintain. If you cannot comply i.e. disability or long term absence please let us know in advance.

QUESTION: Do you allow BBQ’s?

ANSWER:   Yes BBQ’s are allowed but we reserve the right to prohibit them for fire and safety reasons.

QUESTION: Is there mobile phone coverage on the park?

ANSWER:   Yes, there is full coverage for the majority of networks.

QUESTION: Is there any security on the park?

ANSWER:   There are various security devices on the park including CCTV.

QUESTION: Is there a shop on site?

ANSWER:   No, we recommend the use of the village store in Bronllys

QUESTION: Do you have a club on site?

ANSWER:   Yes open Friday and Saturday nights (Sunday on bank holidays) during high season

QUESTION: Do you have a restaurant on site?

ANSWER:   No, but a small reasonably priced eat in/take away fast food menu is available in the clubhouse

QUESTION: What about insurance?

ANSWER:   All holiday homes must be insured. We would need a copy of the certificate annually.

QUESTION: How long can I keep my holiday home at Riverside?

ANSWER:   We guarantee tenure for caravans from new for 15 years with a 1 year rolling licence then available for a further 5 years.

QUESTION: Do you allow children?

ANSWER:   Children are allowed and we encourage parents / guardians to be actively involved in responsible supervision.

QUESTION: What happens to the holiday home in the winter?

ANSWER:   To ensure adequate frost protection for caravan holiday homes in the winter the units’ water system needs to be drained down. We have an information sheet with advice on how to drain down or alternatively we can provide numbers of local plumbers willing to carry out a van drain down.

QUESTION: What happens if I want to sell my holiday home?

ANSWER:   The park would offer a price on your unit or should you wish to sell it yourself the park would take 15% commission.

QUESTION: Where is the nearest pub or restaurant?

ANSWER:   There are 5 pubs within 1 mile of the site and a wide selection of restaurants which include Tex Mex and classic British fish and chips.